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All the World’s Marketplace

We all are customers and providers to each other


We all are customers and providers to each other. In each day, each one of us makes many transactions, as customers and also as providers. We buy products from others and we also sell products to others. We request services from others, and we also fulfill services to others. We rent places from others and we also rent out places to others. Therefore, our world is a a huge marketplace where we are transacting with each other.

The marketplaces could be physical or digital, and also the products are physical (food, appliances, etc..) or digital (music, films, etc..) , the services are physical (carpentry, painting, etc…) or digital (creative design, online marketing, etc…) and places are physical (rooms, studios, etc…) or digital (virtual reality, etc…).

In ReqLax, we strongly believe that we are living in a world which has multiple types of marketplaces, and we are conducting unlimited number of transactions on these physical and digital marketplaces every day.

ReqLax exists to organize the transactions of the world by building a unique global online marketplaces for products, services and rentals.


Marketplace entrepreneurs need two factories to create an online marketplace, the technology factory and the commercial factory. The success of the marketplace depends on the performance and agility of each factory. However, there are many challenges in building each factory.

Technology challenges include software development, infrastructure management, quality assurance, etc…while, commercial challenges include marketing, brand, communications, sales, etc…

The challenges originate from one single root of cause, where the marketplace entrepreneurs are trying to build these two factories by themselves or hire others or assemble a team of co-founders, yet the challenges still exist all over the way. To overcome these challenges, marketplace entrepreneurs must allocate enough funds to increase the size of the team and attract the best talents or be patient enough with strong persistence to achieve the success metrics.

ReqLax is designed and engineered to embrace the open source software, support the collaborative economy principles and encourage the crowd sourcing model in each aspect of both technology and commercial factories to enable every marketplace entrepreneur from all over the world to startup immediately with far less complications and achieve much more success as there is no limit to what they can accomplish.

ReqLax is an innovative platform to partner with every entrepreneur from all over the world and call them ReqLax Digital Farmers to establish marketplaces, write descriptions, make specifications, refer customers, refer providers, ensure happiness, translate contents, run campaigns, develop code, and manage infrastructure.

When ReqLax has enough Digital Farmers, marketplace entrepreneurs will have far less complications, as they will not need to build the technology and commercial factories by themselves, or hire others to build them, or pay monthly or yearly subscription or commissions per transactions for hosted platforms, struggle to find the right the co-founders. ReqLax Digital Farmers from all over the world together will build the two factories.

ReqLax Digital Farmers exert their time and effort to seed, protect, and grow their own unique global marketplace and they will harvest their utmost success, forever…Every time a customer makes a purchase from a provider, all ReqLax Digital Farmers who participated in this transaction will take a share and make money. Yes, you got it right. The ReqLax Digital Farmer, will get paid, and get paid, and get paid, forever. They are, truly, partners, like ReqLax founders…

Marketplace Entrepreneurs >> Create every imaginable product, service, or rental – physical or digital.

Content Writers >> Write clear descriptions, and frequently asked questions.

Subject Matter Experts >> Make accurate specifications.

Customers Referrals >> Grow the community by referring your relatives, friends, and neighbors as customers.

Providers Referrals >> Grow the community by referring your local business owners in your neighborhood as providers.

Community Managers >> Take the lead of the community in your city or country, and and guarantee happiness in every transaction.

Language Translators >> Translate the content to every language you know very well.

Digital Marketers >> Run digital campaigns for brand, communication and marketing.

Software Developers >> Develop innovative software features and capabilities.

Systems Administrators >> Manage and secure the information technology infrastructure.



Let’s partner with each other to build our own unique global online marketplace, together.



ReqLax Founder, Fouad Sabry