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Manage Descriptions and Frequently Asked Questions

Any product, service, or rental needs a description and most probably answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) by both customers and providers. Content writers will utilize their writing skills to write awesome descriptions and FAQ.

Product descriptions is very important to entice the customers and sell the products, services, or rentals in a concise and persuasive manner. The descriptions should be designed to speak to the ideal buyer directly and personally, and answers questions using the words the ideal buyer uses.

To encourage purchases, we need descriptions that stand out from the pack and connect with the customers. The talented content writers can put the spotlight on the products, services, or rentals by highlighting key features and adding some excitement into the mix.

It’s well known now that Google will penalize ReqLax if we are using the same product descriptions as the manufacturer. In other words, Google will not place ReqLax on the first page of the search results if we have this duplicate content. With the help our the content writers to easily re-write thousands of manufacturer descriptions into fresh, unique descriptions that Google will notice. ReqLax will benefit instantly from increased search traffic. Even better, this spike in traffic will last for months or even years to come.

Delivering a complete and fulfilling experience to our customer can get them talking about ReqLax. That’s why every product counts. Let us look at all our products as an opportunity to build out the story of ReqLax brand.

Here are few resources which can help in writing awesome descriptions and FAQ:

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Rewarding, Forever…

Every time a customer makes a purchase for any product, service or rental where its description and/or frequently asked questions (FAQ) has been written or edited by a content write , s/he will make money. Yes, you got it right. Just write or edit a description or a frequently asked question, and you will get paid, and get paid, and get paid, forever…

Description Rewards
Total rewards for digital farmer who wrote a description or frequently asked question 0.025% of the transaction value
Total rewards for digital farmer who edited a description or frequently asked question 0.025% of the transaction value
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