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Marketplace Features

Simple on the surface, with more under the hood

Stop Searching & Start Finding

Find the information you need, when and where you need it…

ReqLax provides advanced tools for categorizing and filtering content. People can browse categories and sub categories in a grid, a list or on a map. Content can be searched by location or keywords. You can easily create categories, subcategories, listings, and  custom fields and filters to help people find what they are looking for.

Profiles and Storefronts

A storefront for everyone

Every member of your marketplace will have their own profile page, which they can turn into a full-fledged storefront. Storefronts will display their bio, listings, and reviews from buyers. Members can follow each other to get information when new content is added.


Transactions made easy

It couldn’t be easier for people to create new listings on your marketplace and accept payments. They can add all the product information, including pricing, geo-location and multiple photos, and manage their listings effortlessly.

Mobile Friendly

Your marketplace on the go. Optimized for every screen

ReqLax marketplaces are designed to look good on all screen sizes. Your members get a great experience, whether they’re on desktop, tablet, or a smartphone. The content will load quickly on any device. E-commerce is moving more and more towards mobile, and we’ve got you covered there, as we have created mobile app for Apple iOS store  and also Google play store.

Trust & Reputation

Build a trusted community

You can allow people to write reviews after each transaction. This helps in weeding out the bad apples and building trust in your marketplace community. Many studies show that sellers with positive reviews are able to get better prices for their products, and buyers’ satisfaction is guaranteed.

Marketing, Social Media & SEO

Spread the word. Be social

ReqLax is using Facebook Connect to get more signups, also allowing people to easily share on social media channels such as Facebook & Twitter. We encourage to link your blog to ReqLax marketplace and build visibility by crafting quality content. Reach out to your community by sending marketing emails. ReqLax marketplaces is SEO optimized so your content will get good visibility in search engines.


Messaging & order management. Simple & effective

Your members can connect with each other through messages. Every member will have their own inbox inside ReqLax marketplace. The inbox also helps them keep track of the orders they receive.