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Language Translators

Translate Content to 100+ Languages

The internet breaks down geographical barriers and borders, and allows ReqLax to connect with customers and providers in ways, it never could before, which brings with it an all new opportunity for growth. So the ability to communicate globally is now a make-or-break proposition for ReqLax. While organizations that excel at multilingual e-commerce are well-positioned to become the next generation of industry leaders, those who decline to offer in-language communications, or who do so inadequately, may risk limiting overseas business or losing it entirely.

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Rewarding, Forever…

Every time a customer makes a purchase for any product, service or rental in the language created and/or enhanced by a language translator, s/he will make money. Yes, you got it right. Just translate or enhance a translation, and you will get paid, and get paid, and get paid, forever…

Description Rewards
Total rewards for digital farmer who translated the content is 0.15% of the transaction value
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