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To make sure we all can have a safe and rewarding ReqLax experience, it’s important for everyone to act responsibly and with respect to each other.

Here is a list of our Marketplace Rules. To see additional terms, please view our Terms & Conditions.

1 – All orders posted on ReqLax must be legal and all ReqLax c community members must be legally entitled to perform the order.

2 – All orders must be remunerated by the customer to the provider with money using any payment method, such as cash, cheque, money transfer, wire transfer, credit / debit card, PayPal, Paynoeer, Skrill) and may be remunerated in cash equivalents such as gift cards or barter trades as per the agreement with the provider.

3 – The customer can pay to the provider directly using any payment methods including cash, or can add funds to an order via the available payment methods such as credit/debit card when ordering an offer, which is securely held in a ReqLax Trust Account. When a order is marked as completed by the assigned Provider, the Customer will then confirm the order is completed by releasing funds or dispute to hold the funds in the ReqLax Trust Account till the dispute is resolved.

4 – You must be over the age of 18 to use ReqLax.

5 – Your account is your responsibility – you must maintain control of it and it’s not transferable.

6 – ReqLax accounts must represent the individual completing the job with valid personal details. If you accepted a request from the customer, you are legally responsible for the provision of the agreed services and / or products as part of the Order Contract. Subcontracting of orders is not supported.

7 – Members may only have a single, active account on the platform and any duplicate accounts will be removed if identified.

8 – All ReqLax members must adhere to our marketplace rules. Failure to comply will result in suspension from the marketplace.

9 – Providers need to ensure that they have provided ReqLax with the correct financial accounts and personal details for released funds to be transferred into.

10 – Offers placed must not be hourly, unit or quote based (e.g. “I will work for $20/hour”) and must be totaled to the full amount per task.

11 – Pricing for offers placed must be final and when an offer is accepted, the Customer is not obliged to pay any additional fees within the ReqLax marketplace.

12 – ReqLax is a marketplace for products and services and not a discussion forum. Comments that are considered off-topic, aimed at influencing other user’s offers or derogatory towards the Customer will not be supported and may be deleted at any time.

13 – Content with vulgarities, used in the context of a personal attack/insult will be removed immediately and result in suspension of accounts.

14 – Disclosure of private contact details or 3rd party links are not allowed to be shared in any public area of the site (e.g. Business Websites, Facebook/LinkedIn/twitter contact details, personal websites). This includes within comments or attachments.


Please ensure that you carefully read the following list of tasks/activities that are not supported on ReqLax and may result in your tasks/content being removed and/or your account being suspended.

1 – Tasks that are non-task based. e.g. If it does not have a clearly described scope of work to be completed, a specific start and end time or an unconfirmed or hourly priced budget.

2 – Any services that are illegal or scams.

3 – Business advertisements or offering of services provided.

4 – Job advertisements (e.g. Part-time/Full-time roles), requests for selling services or requests to be hired for jobs.

5 – Tasks, attachments or comments which advertise private contact details, third party services or websites.

6 – Tasks or comments that are considered trolling, derogatory or off topic.

7 – Commission or sales based tasks, e.g. “earn $100 for every sale you make”, “$5 for every email you get to sign up”.

8 – Financial return or financial transaction based requests, e.g. “Need $500 and will pay 10%”, “sign up to a service and get $xx in return”.

9 – Harvesting user contact details, lead generation/sign up requests or competitions.

10 – Request for fraudulent reviews or misrepresentations of assessment, e.g. “Leave me a 5 star review on”.

11 – Assignment based or assessment related tasks, e.g. “Complete my university assignment”.

12 – Actions or comments that may cause distress or jeopardize other members on the marketplace including any representatives of ReqLax.

13 – Anything related to weapons or unlawful activity. This includes soliciting, inducing or encouraging illegal acts or requesting goods or services in furtherance of a crime.

14 – Escort or adult related services.

15 – Tasks or content which is obscene or sexually explicit in nature.

16 – Services that promote hatred or violence against specific groups or people.

17 – Any requests relating to drugs, including prescription drugs or drug paraphernalia. Over-the-counter medicine is acceptable, e.g. “Pick up panadol”.


1 – All tasks must comply with applicable local laws and regulations. Don’t post a task nor comment if it’s not legal where you are located.

2 – Do not share your own or any other individual’s private contact details (such as full name, email, home address or phone number) in any public area of ReqLax. For your safety and to maintain the integrity of the ReqLax marketplace, we suggest that you only communicate through ReqLax private communication platform.

3 – Customers have control over the final amount they wish to offer to complete a task (i.e. they may offer higher or lower than the listed price). Any comments that are considered trolling, aimed at influencing/defaming other providers’ offers or derogatory towards the customer’s budget will not be supported.

4 – If you suspect a task or member who may have violated these policies, please report it toReqLax cusing the “Report as inappropriate” feature (can be found both in the Task or Comments section) or Contact us so we can review it accordingly.

5 – Members who breach the marketplace rules may have their account moderated, suspended or deactivated.

6 – Please read theReqLax cPrivacy Policy and Terms & Conditions in addition to the above rules.


As engagements are agreed between you and a 3rd party of your choosing, all agreements are final and ReqLax is not responsible for refunds after the elapse of dispute period for any reason. If you feel you may have been the victim of a crime, document what happened and contact the police. If a crime has taken place in relation to an ReqLax transaction, provide us with a copy of the police report translated in English so that we can follow up and take appropriate action.


ReqLax members are other people from your local community and they may even be someone you already know, so treat people as you would like to be treated yourself and use common sense so that we can all enjoy being part of the ReqLax community. If you experience any abusive communications sent via ReqLax, please, let us know by using the report button or Contact us.

At ReqLax, we’re big on trust and safety. These Marketplace Rules help ensure that every task is a delightful, safe and trusted experience for both our Customers and Providers. While we know that these Guidelines may not cover every single task and situation you may encounter, we expect all Provider and Customers to act with professionalism and in good character to maintain a positive experience for all.


Request and ReqLax is your platform to grow your business. To be successful, here are five simple things you can do:

Represent yourself accurately: To be successful on ReqLax, set accurate criteria for the tasks you want to perform, including your availability, rate, work area, and task categories. Please keep this information up-to-date to ensure that you receive the most appropriate task invitations.

Set clear expectations with your Customers: Surprises are not a good thing when it comes to tasking, so please ensure that nothing unexpected happens while you’re working on a task. Be sure to set clear expectations about task timing, out-of-pocket expenses and any other details that are relevant to completing the task.

Respond quickly to your Customer: Task invitations and communications with your Customer are time sensitive. Respond quickly and actively manage all Customer communications via the chat feature in the app to create great Customer experiences.

Be reliable: This one’s simple – please do what you say you’ll do. Show up on time (or early) and stay until the job is done. It is critical that you complete all the tasks that you take on and deliver the best service possible.

Treat Request and Relax like your business: As you know, Request and ReqLax is a platform to grow your own business. Delivering great experiences will result in even more work for you. Ask yourself what will make this Customer want to hire you again and deliver an experience that matches those expectations.

The following sections provide more detail on what we expect from you as a Provider. Please be aware that violation of these guidelines may result in reduced access to task opportunities or outright removal from the ReqLax Community.


1 – Responsiveness is critical to your success as a Provider. We set expectations with our Customers that Providers will respond to a task invitation within 30 minutes, so reply as promptly as possible.

2 – If you are on a task and you receive an invitation, let your current Customer know that you will be responding to the invitation and then return immediately to the current task.

3 – Do not leave a Customer waiting for your reply to a message in the chat thread. A prompt and clear reply is important to Customer satisfaction. Please closely manage chat threads for all tasks you have been invited to.

4 – Task invitations need to be accepted and scheduled or forfeited as quickly as possible. Failure to take the appropriate action on a task invitation can result in a policies violation or removal from the ReqLax Community.

5 – Your Provider account may be paused if we notice a significant period of inactivity (no closed or accepted tasks over 90 days). If this happens, please visit to see any upcoming orientation sessions.


1 – ReqLax is a Community for professionals looking to create positive Customer experiences. Any unprofessional behavior impacts the entire ReqLax Community and will not be tolerated.

2 – Some tips to demonstrate professionalism: Use your real name and a recent professional photo that includes your face on your profile.


1 – Only accept tasks that you have the time, qualifications and tools to complete. Understand the location of the task, the expectations of the Customer and complete your task in a manner consistent with these expectations.

2 – When scheduling tasks, be sure to leave enough time between tasks for traveling, traffic or any other issues that may arise.

3 – Don’t accept tasks that you feel ill-equipped to handle and avoid performing low-quality work on a task.

4 – Perform all tasks yourself. You may not outsource your task to a third party, company or competitor under any circumstance.

5 – If you require additional help on a task, it is critical that the person also be an approved Provider. This is for your and the Customer’s safety. If anything goes wrong on a task, whether or not it was associated with the actions of someone who is not an approved Provider, they (and you) may not covered by the ReqLax Insurance Guarantee, if it is provided.


Ok, so what do the pillars of Provider success look like in action? This section outlines how you should conduct your business on the ReqLax platform


1 – We provide tools for you to tell us the types of tasks you are willing to do, at what times, in what areas and at what rate. We expect you to accept task invitations that fall within the boundaries that you’ve set.

2 – Customers invest time and effort in selecting a specific Provider which is why accepting every task invitation you receive is very important. A Customer specifically asked to work with you.

3 – A low invitation acceptance rate is grounds for reduced access to task opportunities or removal from the ReqLax  Community.


1 – Forfeiting a task can quickly turn a great opportunity into a negative Customer experience. Task forfeiting should be a last resort and only reserved for extenuating circumstances.

2 – Some legitimate reasons for forfeiting a task include: believing you cannot deliver a high-quality experience for the Customer, not having the proper tools for the task, or feeling unsafe about a task. Scheduling conflicts are not considered a legitimate reason for forfeiting a task given the schedule management tools we provided.

3 – Frequent forfeiting may result in reduced access to task opportunities, or outright removal from, the ReqLax Community.


1 – Custom Tasks are a great way to pick up tasks quickly, fill openings in your schedule and build Customer relationships.

2 -Rates on an Custom Task are non-negotiable, so only accept a Custom Task if you are prepared to perform the task for the stated rate and if you have enough information about the task from the task description. Attempt to renegotiate the rate on an Custom Task only when the Customer has specified that the rate is negotiable.


1 – Only accept Custom Tasks if you feel confident that you will complete the task.

2 – If the task details do not include enough information to provide you this confidence, do not accept the task, and ask for more information for more clarity.

3 – Do not accept a Custom Task that you are unsure of the time, date and/or location. If you pick up a Custom Task that you cannot complete due to these reasons, it may be grounds for immediate removal from ReqLax Community.

4 – Do not impose minimum rates, travel time or travel expenses on the Customer when you accept a Custom Task.


1 – In your profile you have the ability to set your rate for different task types. These rates are considered a commitment to the ReqLax Community and Customers take them into consideration when inviting you to a task. They are non-negotiable once a task is assigned.

2 – We encourage you to regularly review your rates to ensure that they are commensurate with your skill level, experience and availability.

3 – If you believe a task has been mis-categorized or the Customer has been dishonest in dealings, you can forfeit the invitation and select the “Customer’s needs are unrealistic” or “Task may be fraudulent / unsafe” forfeit reasons.

4 – Attempts to negotiate your rate after receiving an invitation is considered a violation of Customer trust and is grounds for reduced access to task opportunities or outright removal from the ReqLax Community.


1 – Before performing a task, set appropriate expectations with the Customer about out-of-pocket expenses. If not managed appropriately, seeking payment for out-of-pocket expenses and reimbursements can result in a bad Customer experience, negative Provider ratings or a policies violation.

2 – It is safe to assume you will be reimbursed for any purchases you make on behalf of a Customer as part of a task (e.g. groceries or a food delivery).

3 – Do not ask Customers to reimburse for transportation time or costs (tolls, gas, parking) associated with a task unless the task involves travel outside of your defined work area (you can change this at any time) or excessive transportation. If there are significant costs associated with serving a particular area (e.g. bridge tolls), please take that into consideration when setting your work area and hourly rates in your profile. You can update your preferred work area and rates at any time via your profile.

4 – If the task involves travel outside of your work area or excessive transportation (10+ stops), set reimbursement expectations with the Customer in advance of performing the task. This gives the Customer adequate time to cancel the task and seek a replacement if they so choose.

5 – If you purchase a tool or supplies for a particular job, do not expect to be reimbursed for that purchase. If you do want to be reimbursed for that purchase, be upfront with the Customer and consider the purchase to be the property of the Customer.

6 – To protect yourself and the ReqLax Community, be careful about accepting tasks that include the purchase of high-value items. Always contact ReqLax when presented with these tasks even if you have worked for the Customer before. Member Services can help you verify that the task is legitimate, safe and ensure your reimbursement for the purchase.


1 – Above all else, your safety and well-being are our top priority. If, for any reason, you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please professionally and politely leave the task and remove yourself from the situation. Call ReqLax Member Services as soon as possible. If necessary, call the local authorities first.

2 – Do not complete any tasks that put you at risk financially or physically. This includes meeting a Customer for a delivery under suspicious circumstances.

3 – Please follow all guidelines, laws and restrictions for any shops, restaurants, sites or venues you visit or utilize during your tasks.

4 – If you require additional help on a task, it is critical that the person also be an approved Provider. This is for the safety of you and your Customer. If anything goes wrong on a task as a result of the actions of someone who is not an approved Provider, they (and you) may not covered by the Business Global Insurance Guarantee, if it is provided.


ReqLaxl Member Services is here to help. If you are having any issues with a task that is in-progress or soon to happen, please contact our Members Services Team at +971-52-718-3817 and select the option for “Emergency Issues”. Please respect that this is an emergency line. Any issues that are not extremely time sensitive or urgent should be referred to


To ensure a high-quality tasking experience, we hold all of our Providers to the following standards :

1 – Accept 75% of the task invitations sent to you;

2 – Complete 85% of the tasks you agree to take on;

3 – Quickly respond to task invitations within 30 minutes or less;

4 – High return rate of your Customers to ReqLax after completing a task with you.

5 – If you fall in the bottom 10% of Providers on any of these metrics for a 30 day period, you may no longer be shown in search results or your account may be put into Performance Standards Probation. If your performance standards do not improve in the following 30 day period, you’ll have reduced access to tasks for an extended period of time.

What exactly is Performance Standards Probation?

First Account Pause: If we notice a low task acceptance or completion rate, we’ll pause your access to task invitations. You’ll be required to participate in a Provider Performance Improvement module to regain access to task invitations. Pro Providers will immediately lose their Pro status.

Second Account Pause: If we continue to notice a low task acceptance or completion rate, we’ll pause your access to Task invitations again. Reinstatement will require completion of a second Performance Improvement module to regain access to invitations.

Third Account Pause: If after completing two education sessions, your acceptance and completion rates have not improved, you may lose all Provider privileges.

Please note that direct violations of ReqLax policy and unprofessional behavior may result in immediate removal from the ReqLax Community.


1 – Don’t bail on a task, without prior communication and approval from the Customer or ReqLax.

2 – Don’t cancel last minute; this provides a poor experience for the Customer.

3 – Don’t show up to a task location for a task you are not assigned to.

4 – Don’t show up late for tasks or missing agreed-upon timelines for tasks.

5 – Don’t attempt to renegotiate the rate on a task you’ve been invited to or a Custom Task you’ve accepted.

6 – Don’t complete a task with poor quality work.

7 – Don’t display unprofessional or unbecoming communication or behavior in any form.

8 – Don’t contact a Customer regarding a negative review, accept a reduced payment or forfeit a payment in exchange for a positive review or to avoid a negative review.

9 – Don’t contact third parties related to or regarding a Customer including, but not limited to, a Customer’s friends, family, place of employment or attempt to damage a Customer’s reputation on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yelp.

10 – Don’t attempt to damage the reputation of ReqLax on social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yelp.

11 – Don’t attempt to bill a Customer for a task that should have been canceled, has not been finished or completed to their satisfaction.

12 – Don’t invoice a Customer for travel time to or from the task location. The time that you can invoice a Customer for begins when you get the first location of a task.

13 – Don’t ignore communications from ReqLax Support Teams (Member Services, Policies, Resolutions). We expect all Providers to respond within 48 hours to email and phone call communications.

14 – Don’t violate the spirit of flexible payments on the ReqLax platform in any way to facilitate an “off platform” payment, including but not limited to:

a) Accepting a payment outside of the platform in an offer for reduced rate

b) Billing for less than actually worked

c) Billing for more than actually worked

d) Billing for items in the reimbursement section

e) Giving a Customer your contact information (phone number, email address or website) for direct communication bypassing ReqLax platform

f) Canceling a task that has been completed

15 – Don’t provide poor quality work which is measured by:

a) Poor ratings and/or reviews

b) Customer communication to ReqLax Member Services

c) A high cancellation rate

d) A high forfeiture rate

e) Unresponsiveness to Customers on invitations

f) Any other criteria, which may lead to a poor experience for a Customer

To preserve the integrity of the ReqLax Community, we have a zero tolerance policy for any of these behaviors. All of these behaviors are avoidable through active management of your schedule, profile and with open communication with ReqLax Member Services.


For the protection of all members of our ReqLax Community, we do not allow any of the following activities :

1 – Impersonating any other person or falsifying your identity, including, but not limited to, the Customer, journalists, or another Provider;

2 – Sharing your login credentials with any other person, including, but not limited to, the Customer, journalists, or another Provider;

3 – The purchase of goods in the United Arab Emirates for shipment overseas, or purchase of goods overseas for shipment to the United Arab Emirates;

4 – The transfer of money, securities or negotiable instruments other than payment for tasks as a part of the ReqLax payment system;

5 – Providing online reviews of items, books, other products or any other services without having actually used the product or service;

6 – Completion of academic work or courses for academic credentials;

7 – Pyramid Schemes or “Sales Opportunities;”

8 – Completing any courses involving court orders on behalf of a third party or Customer, including but not limited to online driving courses;

9 – Transportation of and ridesharing among our Users in any type of motor vehicle, aircraft or water craft;

10 – Providing any type of advice, consultation or professional services performed by lawyers, actuaries, accountants, architects, engineers, health professionals, medical professionals, financial adviser, management consultants, investment advisors, or any other professional services that requires a license or certificate to perform duties;

11 – Data scraping of a website;

12 – Recruiting or advertising for Providers or Customers to join a competing service, or any other intelligence gathering about ReqLax for competitive purposes;

13 – Any task that is illegal in the country, state or locality in which it is posted or takes place;

14 – Creating and operating more than one User account, under any circumstances.


Our Providers strive to delight and deliver on every task. To ensure that you have the best possible experience, we kindly ask for your help with the following. After all, we’re all about neighbors helping neighbors.

1 – Use the message section with each transaction, if necessary, to write as much details as possible, when needed. This helps your Provider to better understand your needs to assist you.

2 – Pictures are worth a thousand words, so please include pictures if it helps for more explanation. This is especially helpful for more complex tasks. Our ReqLax Mobile App lets you upload pictures so download the iPhone or Android app if you haven’t already.

3 – Communication is key. Let your Provider know your expectations for the task to let your Provider know this upfront.

4 – Clarify the details and let the Provider know if you plan to cover travel costs and reimbursements for purchases made for you.

5 – Tasking is a two-way street; please uphold your side of the bargain. A task invitation is an agreement between you and your Provider. We ask that you fully commit to working with the Provider to get the work done once the task is assigned.

6 – We understand that life can be unpredictable. However, to respect your Provider’s time. Although any cancellation initiated by you within 24 hours or more of the scheduled task time will not be charged by ReqLax, but we strongly recommend rescheduling the task instead of cancelling it to keep your funds for the Task and also to serve as a compensation to the Provider in case of cancellation initiated within 24 hours of the scheduled task time.

7 –ReqLax will capture the funds of the task from your credit card when you checkout the task.

These Marketplace Rules are incorporated in and part of our Terms & Conditions available here in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). (Capitalized terms not otherwise defined shall have the meanings set forth in the Terms & Conditions.)