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Subject Matter Experts

Manage Fields, Filters, and Pricing Factors

On ReqLax, users can find products, services or rentals in two different ways: searching and browsing. Searching obviously means using the site search whilst browsing involves drilling down through the categories provided by ReqLax.

Regardless of which method is used, users will be presented with a catalog from which to find what they want. This catalog can contain tens, hundreds or even thousands of products, services, or rentals, so finding the right one from this catalog is the mission of subject matter experts.

Getting sorting and filtering right improves find-ability and allows users to find what they want in less time, from this catalog. If users can’t find exact what they want in the minimal time, there’s a good chance they’ll go to another eCommerce site where they can.

For example, “Baby Portrait Photography” has 3 fields:

(a) how many finished images do you need? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc…

(b) in what format do you need your images? digital finished images, physical proofs and prints, purchase prints online, albums, etc…

(c) where would you like your photos taken? indoor, outdoor, studio, etc…

Only subject matter experts in fine arts and commercial photography generally and baby portrait photography specifically can come up with ideas about the necessary fields which makes different pricing factors.

We will be counting on our professional subject matter experts to define the necessary fields for each product, service or rental and also define the filters to narrow down the search so the users can locate what they want in minimal time.

Here is a list of resources which help to understand the fields and filters in eCommerce :

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Rewarding, Forever…

Every time a customer makes a purchase for any product, service or rental where its fields and filters are created and/or edited by a subject matter expert, s/he will make money. Yes, you got it right. Just create or edit a field or filter, and you will get paid, and get paid, and get paid, forever…

Description Rewards
Total rewards for digital farmer who created fields and filters is 0.03% of the transaction value
Total rewards for digital farmer who edited fields and filters is 0.03% of the transaction value
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